Q:A Zion Freeman Keep moving forward.

It’s no point of discussion that Zion Freeman is an incredibly talented man behind a camera. From Orange County, California, Zion’s opened up a little to talk about his inspiration and purpose behind the curious shots he captures.

What do you shoot with/prefer to shoot with?
I shot with the 5d Mark II for a bit but recently switched over to Sony, but the best camera is the one you can get you hands on!

A lot of photographers shoot with a purpose or intention of achieving a certain result. Do you have a specific goal or purpose when you take your shots?
My general goal when I am shooting is to share the sights I am seeing with people who appreciate it as much as I do. I love seeing people’s faces when they take a look at a picture and see how beautiful nature is. Another goal is also to capture the moment that I am in as best as possible, just so I can look back at my photos and relive that moment a little bit.

What’s your favorite thing and setting to take pictures in?
My favorite setting has to be nature in general. Like foggy woods, waterfalls, green landscapes, adventure photography in general.

If you could break down your style into two words what would they be?
Moody Nature

What’s some of your inspiration for taking pics?
My inspiration for taking photos is getting out into nature and traveling to as many different spots I can. Nothing is better than traveling and taking pictures of/with friends. One of the greatest experiences out there. In terms on who is my inspiration, I have three people in mind: Daniel Casson, Brendan Bannister and Dylan Furst.

What’s your opinion between a good and bad picture?
A good photo is a photo that means something to the person who took it.

Do you have any advice to other photographers?
Keep moving forward and take as many pictures as you can. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, keep taking photos.

What’s your favorite picture you’ve taken (or one of your favorites)?
My favorite picture I took has to be of a girl we met while hiking to an abandoned bridge in Oregon. A group of friends and I ran into a couple while on an unpaved hike and spent the next three hours just shooting the whole experience. We ended up grabbing a few smoke bombs we brought to get some different looking photos, and they turned out amazing. It really showed how photography can bring total strangers together.